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                THE CRAFT

This section describes various aspects of the Craft of Ornamental Turning.  

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A Short History of Turning (written originally for the website of the Worshipful Company of Turners) [click here]

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Definition and Brief History of Ornamental Turning [click here]

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Ornamental Turning Lathes and their Accessories

This is an introductory treatise which includes a brief history of ornamental turning, pictures of lathes and their accessories with notes on their uses and examples of work done with them.  [click here]

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Techniques of Ornamental Turning - 

An Introduction to Ornamental Turning - Powerpoint  to follow

Shapes that may be formed on an O.T. Lathe  [click here]

The Eccentric Cutting Frame - comprising a description of the instrument, an explanation of its various uses and examples of work made with it.                                [click here]

The Ellipse Chuck  [click here]

'YouTube' videos related to O.T.  [click here]

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Drawings  - 

Holtz Frame Sketches        [click here]

The Elliptical Cutting Frame    [click here]

This section contains drawings of ornamental turning equipment intended to assist the reader to make replicas.

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Last modified: January 16, 2015