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Agency Services

Valuations, purchases and sales of lathes and ornamental turning equipment undertaken on an agency basis. 


Commissions for ornamental turning work undertaken or arranged.


Currently suspended - 'An Introduction to Ornamental Turning' - a basic talk describing the ornamental turning lathe and its accessories, how they work and what can be made on them.

Currently suspended - 'The Eccentric Cutting Frame' - a specialised talk on the many and varied uses of this, the most versatile of all the ornamental cutting frames.  

Currently suspended - 'Ornamental Turning Techniques' - a specialised talk on the main techniques used in ornamental turning with hints and tips to aid success.

'Currently suspended - Rose Turning' - how to make a simple Rose Engine from mostly scrap materials and how to use it to produce a variety of patterns. 


Currently suspended - Individual tuition given on all aspects of ornamental turning.  A tuition seminar is available to members of the Society of Ornamental Turners.  For details contact the Secretary of the Society via www.the-sot.com 

Enquiries to John Edwards

Tel: 01732-355-479 or email to ornamental.turning[at]talktalk.net  - please use the @ character in place of [at]




NOTE: The FEEDBACK facility is not enabled yet.  If you wish to make any comments please send me an email to:  ornamental.turning[at]talktalk.net     - please use the @ character in place of [at]



Last modified: January 16, 2015