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This section is for frequently (or non-frequently) asked questions which may be of help to readers or which might stimulate some help from readers.

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Questions received recently:

Q: Should I grind a second bevel on ornamental cutters?        [click here]

Q: I can't work out what the worm & wheel on the rose engine crossing plate is for.  Is it for phasing ranges that are not provided by the Crossing Plate?        [click here]

Q: Is there a name for the type of Rose Engine that slides back and forth on linear bearings as opposed to rocking on a centrally mounted pivot; thus eliminating the arc that results from rocking?  I am planning a new project and considering this type?        [click here]

Earlier questions:

Q: How did the early Rose Engines Work?       [click here]  

Q: Origin of the Rocking Slide-rest        [click here]

Q: about Sharpening Hand Tools and Ornamental Cutters        [click here]

Q: How would you go about turning an open twin-helix like this?   [clickhere]

Q: I want to cut and inlay a ring of 'tear-drop' shapes to make a pattern similar to a Rose Window.           [click here]

Q: I am building a Rose Engine.  What size should I make the rosettes? - Oh, and another thing . . . . . . . . . .   [click here]

Q: What can you tell me about Brocading Machines?   [click here]

Q: When is an Oval not an Ellipse? an old Victorian argument   [click here]

Q: Were these bowls made using a Spiral-Spherical Slide-rest?  [click here]

Q: - MYSTERY ROSE CHUCK? - Information Wanted . . . . . for more information and more pictures                       [click here]

Q:  Do you know anything about a Carving Machine called the Dentifractor?  It is a machine described in Holtzapffel Volume 2, page 955, Appendix L. [click here]

Q: As a newcomer to ornamental turning, how do I sand and polish my work without destroying the facets of the patterns?   [click here]

Q: As a newcomer to ornamental turning, how do I choose what shape rosettes to make for my rose engine? (this is a revised answer to a previous question)    [click here]

Q: How can I make a spiral effect on my rose engine?   [click here]

Q: How can I make a Holtzapffel style Dividing Chuck? -  [click here] [see also Spiral Dividing Chuck]

Q: Could early turners cut spiral twists on a Pole Lathe -  [click here]  

Q:  How can I raise the Centre-height of my 5" Spherical Slide-rest? [Answer]

Q:  What size is the Triangular Bar on an Evans Overhead? [Answer]

Q: What is the best size and type of Cam-ring for an Ellipse Chuck?      - expanded answer to a recurring question.

Subjects of other questions received and answered: 

What are the best ways of Chucking workpieces in the OT lathe?       

How are brass lathe parts protected so they don't tarnish and how is the ‘Holtzapffel-like’ finish obtained?            

Is it possible to cut Basket-weave pattern on a Rose Engine?  - and what about the 

Barleycorn pattern?            -click here- 

What Rosette profiles should I choose for my new Rose Engine?  -click here- 

How fast should I run the Ellipse Cutting Frame?                               -click here- 

Are there any plans for making a frame for a Holtzapffel Lathe?       -click here-

How to make a Spiral Dividing Chuck                             -click here- 

Notes for Beginners                                                  -click here-    

Cutting Frame Shank Sizes                                -click here-

Cam-ring for Ellipse Chuck                       -click here-

How to do Basket Patterns                -click here- 

How to do Interrupted ECF Patterns    -click here- 

Polycord belting                                     -click here- 

Recommended Timbers for O.T.      -click here- 

Slender Turning Guides                    -click here-  

Types of Steel etc., for Cutters            -click here- 

What is 'Grailing' or 'Graining'        -click here- 


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Last modified: January 16, 2015